Where the name Londonderry and Brook came from

We often get asked what inspired our name. Here is the story, as told by founder and CEO, Lin Kayton (neé Thompson).

My intention when choosing our name was to inspire and charm. I was looking for something classic and timeless, with a unique and sentimental quality.

The name Londonderry & Brook is derived from a quaint Northern Irish city with a rich heritage, from where my paternal family originated. In the mid 1800s, William Thompson and Charlotte Yates said “I do” in a gorgeous stone chapel in Brook Street, Londonderry.

Clipping from the Belfast News 1843

A few years later, during the great famine, William and Charlotte embarked on a sea voyage to South Africa, with two small children in tow. I was inspired by their selfless courage and determination, and ability to adapt and thrive in a new land.

After toying with various configurations of names and ideas, I settled on Londonderry & Brook, derived from the street and city of my forebears. It had an elegant yet strong ring to it.

Irish families emigrating to the new  world by ship, typical of the mid 1800s

Our original logo from 2013 (the tree), was based on family roots; and represented growth. It worked well for our early target market of micro enterprises. Our founding purpose was to make brands more inspiring.

 Original Londonderry & Brook Logo 

It is a long time bucket list dream to visit the historic city, now more commonly called Derry. I’d love to hear from you if you’ve been. You can contact us here.

You can read the story behind further development of the Londonderry & Brook logo in 2018, in our next blog.

Love, Lin

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