Must have 2022 Diary

Diaries Today

400 years later, and diaries are still very much a thing. Talk about standing the test of time!

Three reasons work diaries remain a popular choice of stationery

This die-hard, high visibility corporate gift offers:

  1. A means to stay organised and up-to-date on key deliverables and due dates. To move the needle on important projects.
  2. Diaries Improve project management skills as well as work intuition. Learning from your wins as well as your losses improves health and psychological well-being.
  3. Effective tool for tracking time and hold yourself accountable. See where your time went.

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Vectors Explained in Plain English

In the space of branded merchandise, we frequently get asked what is vector artwork, how to tell if artwork is vectorised, and why it is required for print?

Here’s a crash course.

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Onboarding Process – Touchpoint

Onboarding Process – Touchpoint

The deal is in the bag. Now flip the roles for a second. Put yourself on the other side of the experience.

As a new client, it can be quite a big deal to sign on the dotted line, and commit to a contract with someone for the first time. We can all relate to the sweaty palms, especially where the stakes are high, and we are spoilt for choice.

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Lipstick Effect

If like me, you enjoy learning a new turn of phrase, here is a fun one. And no, it’s not what you think (wink wink).

The Lipstick Effect. What is it, and how can it help you as a marketer?

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Plot Twist 2020. What The Market Did.

Plot Twist 2020. What The Market Did.

Given the year that was, the promo industry was bracing for dismal trade, in what is traditionally peak season. Imagine our collective delight and relief, when instead, we experienced a bumper season.

This is what we noticed among our clients, and the industry as a whole. How did you fair, comparatively?

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Corporate Gifting Post COVID-19 – What Changes

When life gives you lemon, make lemonade.

In this article, we dig into what there will be less and more of, to help marketers and HR managers make informed decisions when spending on branded merchandise. We’re all minding our pennies now.

We explore how the promo industry needs to adapt. The sector has been hit hard by the global economic fall-out of COVID-19. Alongside those it has traditionally served, including the hospitality, travel and eventing sectors, it is necessary to swiftly pivot and re-invent ourselves, to remain relevant and not only survive, but thrive in the new terrain thrust upon us.

The quicker we are able to understand our clients’ changed needs, and adjust our service / product offering accordingly, the sooner we’ll be able to add value, and recover from the enormous financial impact of the hard lockdown.

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Level 4 Covid-19 Plan – Interactive Concepts

Prepared by Gary Amstutz (CEO) on 30 April 2020

Londonderry & Brook would like to advise all our clients that we will be operational from Monday, 4th May 2020. We are able to provide specific product categories, which include:

  • Winter Clothing
  • Kids Clothing
  • Stationery
  • Personal/ Home Office Electronic Equipment
  • Hygiene Products i.e. Hands Sanitisers, Soap
  • PPE

Should you have any issues or concerns, please contact us by email or phone. / 0837999520

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More Power To You

#TBT to The Acquisition
A little over a year ago, Londonderry & Brook joined the fold of Interactive Concepts (Pty) Ltd, an e-commerce company encompassing a range of complementary brands, selling customised and personalised products.

Building on our longstanding relationship – in which both companies had been supplying to each other – joining forces meant Interactive Concepts was able to instantly extend their service offering to their extensive client base, to include a comprehensive range of corporate gifts, branded clothing, and marketing collateral. Londonderry & Brook’s expertise in the field of branding, and paper print production, along with our well-established network of suppliers, was a perfect addition to the group. Read more

2018 Rebrand

Our original logo from 2013 included a stylised Tree of Life, and represented growth (see more in Blog 2: The Story Behind the Name).

It worked well for the fledgling venture, established to provide branding services to micro-enterprises. Londonderry & Brook’s founding purpose was to make brands more inspiring, and our clients mostly comprised of start-ups and solopreneurs.

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Where the name Londonderry and Brook came from

We often get asked what inspired our name. Here is the story, as told by founder and CEO, Lin Kayton (neé Thompson).

My intention when choosing our name was to inspire and charm. I was looking for something classic and timeless, with a unique and sentimental quality.

The name Londonderry & Brook is derived from a quaint Northern Irish city with a rich heritage, from where my paternal family originated. In the mid 1800s, William Thompson and Charlotte Yates said “I do” in a gorgeous stone chapel in Brook Street, Londonderry.

Clipping from the Belfast News 1843

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