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#TBT to The Acquisition
A little over a year ago, Londonderry & Brook joined the fold of Interactive Concepts (Pty) Ltd, an e-commerce company encompassing a range of complementary brands, selling customised and personalised products.

Building on our longstanding relationship – in which both companies had been supplying to each other – joining forces meant Interactive Concepts was able to instantly extend their service offering to their extensive client base, to include a comprehensive range of corporate gifts, branded clothing, and marketing collateral. Londonderry & Brook’s expertise in the field of branding, and paper print production, along with our well-established network of suppliers, was a perfect addition to the group. Read more

2018 Rebrand

Our original logo from 2013 included a stylised Tree of Life, and represented growth (see more in Blog 2: The Story Behind the Name).

It worked well for the fledgling venture, established to provide branding services to micro-enterprises. Londonderry & Brook’s founding purpose was to make brands more inspiring, and our clients mostly comprised of start-ups and solopreneurs.

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Where the name Londonderry and Brook came from

We often get asked what inspired our name. Here is the story, as told by founder and CEO, Lin Kayton (neé Thompson).

My intention when choosing our name was to inspire and charm. I was looking for something classic and timeless, with a unique and sentimental quality.

The name Londonderry & Brook is derived from a quaint Northern Irish city with a rich heritage, from where my paternal family originated. In the mid 1800s, William Thompson and Charlotte Yates said “I do” in a gorgeous stone chapel in Brook Street, Londonderry.

Clipping from the Belfast News 1843

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