2018 Rebrand

Our original logo from 2013 included a stylised Tree of Life, and represented growth (see more in Blog 2: The Story Behind the Name).

It worked well for the fledgling venture, established to provide branding services to micro-enterprises. Londonderry & Brook’s founding purpose was to make brands more inspiring, and our clients mostly comprised of start-ups and solopreneurs.

To 2018
Over time our market evolved. Our expertise in physical branding – and connections in the field of specialist print and procurement – were in ever greater demand. By 2018 our client mix had shifted significantly, to award-winning design agencies, and medium-size business, along with the first few corporate clients. Londonderry & Brook was also exporting to neighbouring countries Namibia and Mozambique, and the simple tree logo was no longer fitting.

It was time to refresh our corporate identity in order to resonate with this more refined market. Design wizards Bash Studios were roped in to help, and did a fantastic job transforming our look.

Rich in Symbolism
The distinctive new logo includes a bridge, a fitting reflection of our role as connectors and facilitators of improved brand reach. The bridge styling was inspired by the iconic Peace Bridge in Londonderry, Northern Ireland. 

The Monogram
The “N” monogram is a cheeky take on the two “arms” on the 235m bridge. Though static, they create the visual illusion of moving – when traversing the bridge – to eventually “touch” each other… in a symbolic handshake. Voila, this also explains the unconventional shape of the “N” in the Londonderry & Brook logo!

The handshake represents trust and new opportunities. Our role at Londonderry & Brook has strengthened, to one of helping brand managers connect with their consumers, by strategically incorporating carefully curated branded merchandise, into their marketing mix. We continue to make brands inspiring, even more effectively, and with greater reach.

Contact one of our experienced branding specialists via our contact page or live chat for expert input for your next project.

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